Get it.

We roll like Dickens. In cliffhanger installments, Numbers 1 through 9.

If you’re not interested in misadventure and phenomenal Wes Goodwin covers, you can get your e-book on in May 2013.

But for a good old wild goose chase, follow the trail of bottle caps and torn exacta bets for each installment Thursdays in May and June 2013 where we will be giving out freebies.

MOTHER’S WORRY Installment Schedule:
#1 An Orioles cap attracts some bar sharks
May 2 — Henninger’s Tavern, 1812 Bank St, Baltimore 6:30-9 pm. Your first tallboy’s on us.
#2 Bucolic Baltimore setting established
May 9 — The bench near the finish line at Pimlico Racetrack, Post time: 1:05 pm through the last race. All attendees will receive a complimentary $2 wager.
#3 On tour with Mother’s Finest
May 12 (Sunday) — SPECIAL NIGHT — Mother’s Day with Mother’s Finest. The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA. If a night of Funk Rock Georgia sweat bump is too much for you, feel free to pick up Installment #3 at the 1919, Fleet St, Baltimore. But beware of dogs.
#4 Jackie goes to court
May 23 — Sidebar @ 218 E Lexington St, Baltimore 6:30-9 pm (note: there are special challenges to this event due to the fact that it coincides with Deathfest. Anyone that shows will receive just about anything they can think of.)
#5 The chase begins
May 30 — The MTA bus stop outside the Royal Farm store @ Fleet & Boston Sts, Baltimore 6:30-9 pm. All attendees will receive a piece of fried chicken & clandestine backpack “soda”.
#6 Living the lounge life
June 6 — The Poncabird @ 1719 Poncabird Pass, Baltimore, 6:30-9 pm. We’ll be in the video poker lounge with a stack of 2 dollar bills. Come and get ’em!
#7 — Where the volcano erupts on the quarter hour
June 13 — Ding How @ 631 S Broadway, Baltimore 6:30-9 pm. Join us at the big round table as we pass the time dipping fried noodles in chili sauce and sipping the King Kamehameha of incendiary novelty cocktails through 18″ straws.
#8 — Bienvenue a Paree!!
June 20 — The fountain in Mt. Vernon Park, Baltimore across from what used to be the Peabody Hotel 6:30 pm-park close (and then maybe the MRT). We will be feeding the birds stale baguettes and sketching each others’ likenesses, with a backpack full of camembert.
#9 — Bringing it all back home
June 27 — The thrill ride concludes with an old fashioned sidewalk cicada fry and bounce around between the CLH and 1919, Fleet St, Baltimore 6:30 pm-?. We’ll have nothing left to give you but all the love we have. Plus hotdogs and a shot.