Sweet dreams and oxtails

The release of Installment #1 made us feel like Cinderella at the ball with a clock that stopped at 11:55. Henninger’s Tavern was packed with friends and family, and two people who wandered in by accident. It could not have been a more perfect evening. We’re guessing that means disaster surely lies ahead.

Bar-banging thanks to Kenny and Jane for their incredible hospitality and the best oxtail stew we’ve ever had, Chris and Rocky for making everyone feel at home, Wes Goodwin for the amazing art, and Allison Hundley for the most exciting excerpt read ever and her uncanny ability to switch from an Irish accent to a Scottish brogue midstream.

Heartfelt appreciation to everyone who came out, and we’ll see you this Thursday at Pimlico where it will most likely rain buckets.

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