Mother’s Worry. Mother’s Day. Mother’s Finest.


We’ve had some really surprising turnouts for release parties #1 and #2 but never in our wildest could we have foreseen the slam of Installment Release Party #3. The silk was shaking from bumper to bumper as the house powered up and thundered down. Heartfelt apologies for those who were turned away.  Still can’t believe we sold out the Birchmere.

But of course the biggest jaw dropper was the fact that Mother’s Finest was so touched to be included in the pages of Mother’s Worry that they squeezed in one last show for us before flying to Frankfurt to kick off their European tour.

The goodbyes were tough but we tried to keep it light.

Mother’s Finest is what Mother’s Worry is what Mother’s Day is all about. Family.

Love, Peace and Freedom,

Risky BBQ


“You cool, baby?” Joyce asked, looking me in the eye with such sincerity that I could not speak. Gonna have to chew on this one for a while.


Moses Mo, Jane, John Hayes and two future Mother’s Worries?


“You don’t need some corporate sponsor Jeff.  Screw those guys.”


 We certainly didn’t intend to have a place at the merch table, but Doc insisted!


With all the party goin’ on there some copies got left behind. We’re holding them for you at the 1919 this Thursday from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.


Wyzard is so happy for Jane’s successful night.


That’s right. All of ’em.


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