A most heartfelt SWAK from Mother’s Worry!

In all honesty, we never saw this coming.

Week after week, you guys blew our minds, and gave us the happy ending of Adlai’s wildest back-of-the-bus rum dreams. You could’ve shown up once, but you kept coming. And then you started reading. And somehow, in the midst of the most ridiculous release schedule imaginable, you made us feel anything but stupid. No small feat when you‘re sweeping up a bus stop for a party.

 We can truly say this has surpassed any fantasy we ever could have imagined. Better than any book tour, better than the NY Times bestseller list, better than Oprah.

 From Jane, Jeff, Coni, Shannon, Serena, Sarah, William, Uncle Bill, Wallace, James, Francine, Monty, Jackie, and the jerk himself, bear hugs and dewy eyed thanks. We will never ever forget it.


The best mother lovin’ book club on the planet!!


Eye of Genius Sally Hutchins.


The process.


Super Stoop.


All-Stars Cordell and Dante.


Happiness is…

ImageJane appreciates Allison’s latest tee shirt change (#3 out of 7).

ImageJohn and Jeff stop for conversation on the yellow line.

ImageThe Barber of Fleet Street gives the world a hug.