For the Sophisticated Rat…

sophisticated rat

There’s no better way to confuse the ones you love than with the gift of Adlai Dallas.

Stuff their stocking with this heart curdling story of a jerk on the loose who gets his mother locked up in Jessup Correctional.

The fun starts in Baltimore, hops a Greyhound to Vegas and wraps up in Paris.

Cover art by Wes Goodwin.

“It’s like Confederacy of Dunces with one percent more sex and exactly one less page.”— Scott Huffines

“There has never been and never will be a book with so much Baltimore crammed into it.” — Scott Huffines

Shoot us an email at and we’ll hook you up with a hard copy for a tenner.

Or pay the extra 4 bucks at and forgo the horror of us asking “so, whadya think?”

Or else, get your electronic on for $3.99…


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