What it is

Thriller escapist trash from Alphin & Brettschneider.

From Paris to Baltimore to Knoxville to Las Vegas and back to Paris.

Be careful who you hire to housesit.

2 thoughts on “What it is

  1. OMG!! LOVE what you guys have created!!! DAMNN!!! You guys are AMAZING. It’s a thing like we gotta be there, but I still want to read and be a part of it…. HOLY SHIT!!!
    LOVE YOU guys…………

  2. I had to put it down… felt a little too close to home. And that feeling never stopped – yet Alphin doesn’t know me well enough … it’s been years! I started reading this book on the Jersey shore, the on a plane somewhere north of Alaska, and finished it in a coffee shop serving Belgian beer on tap in old-town Phuket. And yet the whole time I was absorbed with this corner of Baltimore! Absolutely classic book, now on loan somewhere in Phuket, Thailand. I may need to order a few more.

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